NCEP/EMC GFS Retrospective 3 Verification

The NCEP’s Global Forecast System (GFS) is the cornerstone of NCEP’s operational production suite of numerical guidance. NCEP’s global forecasts provide deterministic and probabilistic guidance out to 16 days. The GFS provides initial and/or boundary conditions for NCEP’s other models for regional, ocean and wave prediction systems.

The GFSv16 retrospective 3 is run under the experiment name v16retro3e. This retrospective will cover from 2019 12 01 to 2020 05 19. For more information on the GFSv16 evaulation, implementation timeline, and model information, please see the official evaluation page.

This page displays results for the atmospheric verification. Wave verification can be viewed here for bouys and here for satellite.

Verification is done using EMC_verif-global, which uses METplus.